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vegan chocolate mousse vegan chocolate mousse

Oh, the joy of doing nothing!

I never could understand people saying they would be bored or couldn’t imagine themselves doing nothing. I wish I could retire at the age of 30. My motto is, only boring people get bored, and even if I am off work for two weeks and I am not going on holiday, I still can’t manage to do everything I want to do. There is not enough time to watch all the films I want, to read all the books I want, or simply just to be….

And what about revisiting all the enjoyable films I feel warm about but never have time to watch them again?

Recently I watched ‘Baby Boom’ again and I didn’t even feel a little bit guilty.

First of all – Dianne Keaton and Sam Shepard. That should be enough to make you watch it.

Power shoulders…

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The Affair

Do you like The Affair? I don’t mean a real one, I mean the TV show?

I really like it…It’s quite realistic, and I like the way they show how different people see things differently (hence hers and his chapters).

It doesn’t get to an actual affair like in many films, jumping into it and blah, blah, happened. the main characters struggle with the decision and many other things…


And Ruth Wilson just radiates in this show…

Older and wiser?

Since I started getting older I noticed one thing. I don’t give that much flying monkey about what people think. It’s liberating. Also I feel I’m too old to please people. This decade is going to be about me. What I want to do. What I want to see. And it doesn’t somehow feel selfish. It feels right….


What would Joan do?

I was thinking today of Mad Men. The TV series not mad men in general. How much I miss it and how I can’t wait for the new episodes.

And then I wondered, which of the women from Mad Men I liked the most…

Probably Joan. She’s very bold, sassy and to be honest quite resilient. Whatever life throws at her, she takes and springs back. She’s also quite independent and sharp tongued. When you see her in the first few episodes you might think she’s going to be a bit of a bitch. The more you get to know her, the more of a gentle soul you see. And not to mention, she’s so freaking sexy and magnetic. So whatever life throws at you, just think: what would Joan do? Put a lipstick on and get on with it…


Day of running around….

I was in the middle of responding to last comment my post caused when I realized I had to go to work. So I rushed out of the door. Then I was busy at work as what I do is highly affected by the weather…So I was off my feet for 9 long hours…

Then I came home, made what was in the fridge for dinner (which was wilted spinach with fried eggs and ciabatta).

And then I had realized I needed a glass of wine and to put my feet up or I would explode or start cleaning the house till I collapse…

And then I accidently started watching ‘The Firm’ on TV…

So it’s pretty clear that the serious stuff had to wait….Till tomorrow…Have a good weekend peeps x.


My neighbour, a feminist.

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I had an interesting conversation with my neighbour. He is a typical lad and in his  head, feminists were hairy, fat, ugly women who wanted to demasculinize all men. I told him I’m a feminist, which made him feel uncomfortable. But then we talked a bit about work, and how it should be paid. About voting and if someone wants to vote or go to University, they should have the right to do so. I asked him if it should make a difference what gender you were to be allowed to earn the same, have the right to vote, or to get an education. I also asked him if his daughter (providing he had one, and she was an only child) should be allowed to inherit his money and his house, or should it be taken from her because she was a girl. He seemed a bit confused and upset. Of course she should get everything that belonged to him, she would be his only descendant!

So I told him he was a feminist because he demanded same rights for women as men had for decades. That left him gobsmacked.

Tomorrow I’m going to shake his world by inviting him to dinner and introducing him to veganism….