OMG, how jealous I am of Sleeping Beauty…

I can’t believe how shift work makes you feel. It’s all true people, avoid it ┬áby all means. You will have no social life, because your weekend will start on Tuesday morning. Which is not bad at all, and you don’t need a social life when you can have an interesting conversation with yourself anyway. You sleep in the morning, then in the middle of the day , sometimes at night, and after few years you can’t sleep at all. You become grumpy and temperamental. ‘Bank holidays’ is just a meaningless word to you. And you are out of sync with what people are watching, because in the middle of the night when you come back from work there is nothing on TV. And most of the time you are going to bed when people have dinners, so you don’t go to dinner parties thrown by people having Monday to Friday job. But there are perks. You can go shopping in those unsociable hours when no one is there, no screaming kids either. You can go away middle of the week which is most of the time cheaper. So it can be fun. Until you start looking like an extra from Walking Dead. Because you will eventually. Nothing catches up with you as quickly as sleep deprivation…..