Vegan Chocolate Mousse


vegan chocolate mousse vegan chocolate mousse

Oh, the joy of doing nothing!

I never could understand people saying they would be bored or couldn’t imagine themselves doing nothing. I wish I could retire at the age of 30. My motto is, only boring people get bored, and even if I am off work for two weeks and I am not going on holiday, I still can’t manage to do everything I want to do. There is not enough time to watch all the films I want, to read all the books I want, or simply just to be….

And what about revisiting all the enjoyable films I feel warm about but never have time to watch them again?

Recently I watched ‘Baby Boom’ again and I didn’t even feel a little bit guilty.

First of all – Dianne Keaton and Sam Shepard. That should be enough to make you watch it.

Power shoulders…

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