Older and wiser?

Since I started getting older I noticed one thing. I don’t give that much flying monkey about what people think. It’s liberating. Also I feel I’m too old to please people. This decade is going to be about me. What I want to do. What I want to see. And it doesn’t somehow feel selfish. It feels right….



Valentine’s Day is over


I never understood the purpose of Valentine’s Day. For one day you get flowers (overpriced on the day) and chocolates – classic. Throw rose petals on the bed and try to be romantic. Pressure! And then for the rest of the year you don’t need to give a damn so much…

I think it’s a perfect day for single people. It’s the day  they should pumper themselves, spoil themselves. After all you are the person you should love the most. If you don’t, it means you’ve got problems.

So to all  single people out there, I hope you had a good day yesterday. x

OMG, how jealous I am of Sleeping Beauty…

I can’t believe how shift work makes you feel. It’s all true people, avoid it  by all means. You will have no social life, because your weekend will start on Tuesday morning. Which is not bad at all, and you don’t need a social life when you can have an interesting conversation with yourself anyway. You sleep in the morning, then in the middle of the day , sometimes at night, and after few years you can’t sleep at all. You become grumpy and temperamental. ‘Bank holidays’ is just a meaningless word to you. And you are out of sync with what people are watching, because in the middle of the night when you come back from work there is nothing on TV. And most of the time you are going to bed when people have dinners, so you don’t go to dinner parties thrown by people having Monday to Friday job. But there are perks. You can go shopping in those unsociable hours when no one is there, no screaming kids either. You can go away middle of the week which is most of the time cheaper. So it can be fun. Until you start looking like an extra from Walking Dead. Because you will eventually. Nothing catches up with you as quickly as sleep deprivation…..


What would Joan do?

I was thinking today of Mad Men. The TV series not mad men in general. How much I miss it and how I can’t wait for the new episodes.

And then I wondered, which of the women from Mad Men I liked the most…

Probably Joan. She’s very bold, sassy and to be honest quite resilient. Whatever life throws at her, she takes and springs back. She’s also quite independent and sharp tongued. When you see her in the first few episodes you might think she’s going to be a bit of a bitch. The more you get to know her, the more of a gentle soul you see. And not to mention, she’s so freaking sexy and magnetic. So whatever life throws at you, just think: what would Joan do? Put a lipstick on and get on with it…