From an optimist to a realist


Yesterday I was on the bus home when an old 80s song came on the radio (the radio the driver was listening to). It got me thinking…

So many people get sentimental about certain decades, just because they were happy then. They love music, fashion, films from that period. My childhood wasn’t happy and I was definitely never fond of the 80s music…

But the song made me feel a bit weird and sort of nostalgic. And I know I wouldn’t like to go back to that period as it would mean: 1. living in poverty in a 30m2 flat, 2. having to deal with my mother’s depression and alcoholism, 3.grey streets and clothes of the communistic era, etc, etc. But I felt an impulsive longing for that feeling only children can experience. That feeling that anything is possible, not caring that reality bites. Because you didn’t know that yet. Everything was just taking shape and as a child I used to be an optimist. And the feeling of ‘anything is  possible’ and anything can happen, the feeling of expecting something great to happen was always there.

I wished it stayed.

Because I am a realist now. And I long for the feeling of expectations and possibilities…


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